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ABA Therapy: An intervention for Children with disabilities

The Applied Behavior Analysis or (ABA Therapy) has been widely endorsed by experts to deal with child Autism, Asperger, or those children who have learning disabilities or delays. It has been proven by the experts that the ABA helps the children with special needs to perform independently at home, and adapt a positive behavior. What does it do? The Autism ABA Therapy aims to understand the child’s actions and skills (behavior) and how the environment (including the people around) affects by it. Though behavioral analysis is primarily developed for children with Autism, it is effective to treat ADD in children and other developmental delays. Moreover, the autism therapy attempt to explain how the kids learn by utilizing strategies such as positive reinforcement depends on their response to a certain activity. On the other hand, autism help therapy is not a “one size fits it all” principle, rather it analyzes the child’s behavioral needs and the therapist come up into a plan of action that addresses the need of the child.

One of the challenges that we encounter is to involve the parents on the child’s therapy, so we have formulated a program especially for parents to be trained in dealing in home autism therapy. Experts suggests that early intervention is better and have an excellent results as far as the child’s learning potential is concerned. Furthermore, involvement of the parents and caregivers expedite the goal of the therapy and offer a satisfactory results. Below are the main target of aba therapy:

  • Social skills
  • Behavior
  • Communication skills

Most children with autism spectrum disorder are having hard time recognizing and possessing the typical reaction during a conversation or play time. For starters, children will be exposed to different settings (playground, school, parks etc.) for them to feel comfortable. For kids with maladaptive behaviors like self-injurious or to others, there are strategies to decrease or totally remove these behaviors. There are positive reinforcement to motivate the child to repeat favorable behavior and providing consequence for unfavorable responses. In communication skills, therapist and parents work hand in hand to motivate the child to talk, if not with the use of gestures or sign languages. There are activities as well that needs to be performed to stimulate the child to talk like massaging the face or brushing the tongue and the buccal mucosa.

If you need autism help for your child we serve our Autism Services and Children Services in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Coral Spring, Pompano Beach, South Florida and surrounding areas, including Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We also provide in home services if it is hard for you to come to our office. We accept payments from insurances like Beacon Health Options, Florida Medicaid, Florida Blue United Health,Cigna,Aetna and more.

About Us

Beatriz Kouracles
BCBA Clinical Director

Our Mission

In Chrysalis ABA Therapy, we enrich our programs with the best qualified team and most recent science resources to emerge children’s individualized potentials, to become more social interactive, higher academic level, and adaptive independent living individuals. We use: Augmentative communicative systems, Verbal Behavior Protocol, and ABA Principles to evaluate and measure progress.

Our team

In our team we have Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Board Certified Assistance Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), Register Behavior Technician (RBT), potential BCBA, Speech and Language Therapists, Speech and Language Therapist Assistances, Occupational Therapists, and Certified Teacher. Our Staff are trained and carry the appropriate certification to work with special needs children. In Monarch our staff has years of expertise in the areas of applied behavior analysis, psychology, and other related health services guides program development, while providing oversight to a team of skilled program implementers to help your child and family will need from the time your child diagnosed through school and his or her transition into the world at large.

Claudia Zinner
M.Ed. Co-founder / Projects


Focus on individualized goals taking in consideration client’s strengths…

We use a combination of assessments that are age appropriate to evaluate the…

Allow children to interact with peers while learning social skills in their natural…

Teaching children to try new foods that are not current in the prefer list of items…

Our BCBA will work in collaboration with speech pathologist occupational…

Help children to acquire academic sills, independency in homework completion…

Newly Diagnosed

We are a multilingual company that is able to provide services in:

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(Voucher for special needs Children under 6 years old)

You can go to your insurance link to find out more about your coverage and how to contact your provider to see if your insurance covers Autism Spectrum Disorder Services for your child.

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Social Group 1: Age 0-3 years old, low social skills, low verbal skills

Social Group 2: Age 4-7 years old, low social skills, low verbal skills

Social Group 3: Age 5-7 years old, low social skills, high verbal skills (conversational)

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